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Empowering the next generation of Innovators & Changemakers.

We believe every child should experience entrepreneurship and our online coaching, video courses & in-person workshops aim to equip young learners with the confidence, tools and skills to thrive in a tech-driven world.


Fostering Adaptability, Creativity & Innovation

We can prepare our children to navigate and lead in this tech-centric future.

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, the gap between academic knowledge and practical entrepreneurial skills is becoming increasingly evident. As technology reshapes the landscape of work and life, there’s a growing need for educational approaches that not only impart theoretical knowledge but also equip young learners with real-world, entrepreneurial skills.

This need for a comprehensive educational strategy that addresses both these aspects is critical. It raises an important question: how can we prepare our children to not just navigate but lead in this tech-centric future?

Our Methodology

Allstarpreneurs Learning Model

Our learning model designed to guide students through a structured learning journey. There are three distinct yet interconnected foundations, we call: Dream, Build, and Grow. Here’s a quick introduction:








Dream is where it all begins – sparking the flame of possibility in young entrepreneurs. Here, students dive into the inspiring journeys of diverse entrepreneurs, uncovering the transformative power of entrepreneurship. They learn that with imagination, determination, and the right tools, they can become agents of change.

Through captivating stories and creative exercises, they begin to envision themselves as the future’s problem-solvers and dreamers, ready to bring their own innovative solutions to life.


Students get down to the nitty-gritty of turning dreams into reality. This phase is all about action – taking those big ideas and shaping them into concrete plans. Students are introduced to the essentials of business creation in a fun, accessible way, covering everything from customer discovery to product development.

They’ll learn to craft their own business blueprints, embodying a proactive and resourceful mindset that’s key for budding entrepreneurs.


Focus is on the holistic development of both the venture and the entrepreneur. Students delve into crucial aspects like effective communication, financial literacy, and leadership skills. Practical lessons guide them in telling their stories persuasively, managing resources efficiently, and prioritising their own well-being alongside their business goals.

They learn that a successful business isn’t just about profit; it’s about balance – balancing ambition with well-being, and success with personal growth.

Ready To Explore Entrepreneurship Education For Your Children?

Download our free guide: 7 Reasons Why Kids Should Know About Social Entrepreneurship. And get our complimentary workbook to get you started!

Our Features

Who is this for exactly?

At it’s core there are two age groups our entrepreneurship programs have been meticulously design for. Startup Champions (8 to 12 years) & Teen Startup (13-17 years).

The Ultimate “We Are Entrepreneurs” Experience

Startup Champions is a fun-filled 5-Day experience based on the hugely successful Kidpreneurs – Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship curriculum. Which has inspired over 250,000 children around the world.

It’s fun, engaging and transformational. Our goal to help your children discover their inner entrepreneur!!

Real-world Business Model Design Experience

Teen Startup Squad is a deep-dive into the technical aspects of launching a business with real world activities. Creative thinking, business model design, marketing strategy, presenting, data analytics and more.

The ideal launchpad for any teenager on an IB Pathway who’s serious about bringing their A-Game 💪

Let’s Get Introduced

Founder & Program Director

Hey there! I’m Coach Steve, and I’m thrilled you’re here.

Every child should experience entrepreneurship, whether or not they go on to start a business. It’s all about sparking the entrepreneurial spirit & igniting their “I can. I will” mindset. Entrepreneurship education equips children with life skills that last a lifetime.

Certified and Committed:

👉 As a founding member of the Kidpreneurs Certified Educator program, a movement that has ignited over 250,000 young minds globally, I’m dedicated to delivering top-notch workshops, programs, and mentoring.

And here’s why I started Allstarpreneurs Academy…

Steve Mullen - Allstarpreneurs Coach


Outstanding Client Feedback

We are committed to delivering exceptional learning experiences for your child and we are extremely proud to share our client feedback.

Steve’s Kidpreneur certified coaching sessions are top-notch. His engaging approach keeps young minds captivated, teaching them essential business skills early on. My child has grown not just in knowledge but in self-confidence too. Such a solid foundation for any young person.


Jessica Martin

Parent of a Kidpreneur, USA

The Teen Startup Squad led by Steve has been invaluable for my teenager. He simplifies complex concepts, making entrepreneurship accessible and exciting. My son has already started planning his own business, thanks to Steve’s guidance and the practical experience the program offers.


David Chen

Parent of a Kidpreneur, USA

Steve has a genuine talent for inspiring young entrepreneurs. His programs offer the right mix of theory and practice, preparing kids and teens for real-world business challenges. Seeing the enthusiasm and ideas sparked in young minds reassures me that we’re fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Karen Thompson

K-12 Educator, USA


Launch Pad Archive

An expanding resource teaching young entrepreneurs how to plan, build and pitch their business ideas online. Tools, tips and strategies for teachers, parents and guardians.